Good Company is a candle and home fragrance studio based in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. We make premium candles with eco-friendly materials right here in KL.

In 2020, founder Esther Wong sought solace in lighting up a candle or using essential oil diffusers in times of anxiety. After getting headaches from generic brands' paraffin wax candles, the idea of creating a candle company which produced high quality and clean candles was formed. After months of research and testing, Good Company was born. The name came from the idea of providing company to those who spent time alone at home, which is especially relevant in the year it was formed. Good Company is now sold on their own website, LamboPlace, and some selected stores in Kuala Lumpur.

Why Soy Wax?

- Cleaner burn

- Longer-lasting burn time

- Sustainable and renewable

- Natural soybean-derived source

Our Promise

We try our best to be environmentally friendly. From our shipping (upcycled or recyclable materials only) to our sustainable wax, to our eco-friendly cotton wicks.

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