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Nordic Forest Scent Bar (Wax Air Freshener)

Nordic Forest is a fresh pine and forest scent with a hint of winter fruits. Use this beautiful wax bar, made with natural ingredients, to scent up your small space.

Freshen up your wardrobe, closet, or drawers with our wax Scent Bars. Embellished with real cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, dried eucalyptus, and preserved red hydrangea. 

Made with soy wax and beeswax, this scent bar will release a whiff of our signature fragrances whenever you pass it. It is our natural, biodegradable and non-irritating version of a generic air freshener. 

The shape will be picked at random (oval or long hexagon). Ready to gift!

How to Use:

Hang it on the railing of your wardrobe, or tuck it within your clothes in a drawer. This bar will retain its scent for up to 1 year. After its fragrance has weakened, break up the bar and melt it on a wax melter or aromatherapy burner to enjoy the scent longer. Do not place this in a car as high heat may melt the wax. Avoid getting it wet to avoid damaging the red flower and dried leaves.

Ingredients: soy wax, beeswax, fragrance oil, 100% lavender essential oil 

  • Phthalate-Free Fragrance
  • Blended with real essential oils
  • Made in Malaysia 
  • Luxury Fragrance Oil
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